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We holding a creative and collaborative work how the technical development base that sits in the background. We build our products and services with scale and future development in mind - driven by real time data.

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Alliances Retail Mangement Suite

Retail store chain centralized

Monitoring, support and timely collection of sales information and operations of each Retail Store, are features that make ARMS key tool to support the competitive Retail Chain management.

ARMS Central

Centralized management of operations and information

Data capture and distribution of store operations for articles, prices, customers and support among others. Transactions reports in real time for each store in ARTS reference model. Oversees the processes and system events in servers, store controllers and POS terminals.

ARTS Reports

Centralization of transactions: Each of the transactions generated in the retail store is registered online in the central database of ARMS, modeled after ARTS standards.

Access detailed each transaction chain stores, enabling searching and applying filters from a date range to transactions for POS Terminal or a specific operator.

ACE/SMA Reports

Centralized 4690OS store controller reports

ARMS agents and services: From ARMS system integration in the store controller get direct access and online reports issued locally.

4690OS Reports: The central administrator will access the reports for the selected store, while a user in local mode only to the reports issued in the store assigned to this. Construction Reports menu follows the same layout of the store 4690OS, which comes closest to the user to an environment of high usability.

Central Operator

Management and distribution for 4690OS store operators.

For every change in the registration of an operator account is time for action of ARMS agents and services for the allocation and dispatch of the account and the parameters associated with the selected store. ARMS manages the data that identifies the operator and the location parameters and status of this, assigns authorization model and hierarchy, both native 4690OS store, as well as the functions assigned by operator and procedures for the 4690OS store.

Log operator: ARMS has the activity log operator accounts, identifying actions taken during the period of administration.

Ticket Server

Central repository of electronic tickets recorded by each store.

In each process of closing totals in 4690OS store, ARMS agents obtained electronic diaries, which are stored on the servers of ARMS. Seeks ticket provide direct access to these records to search for data concerning transactions. In addition it has direct access to each of the electronic diaries stored under a directory design the user can access the data of transactions recorded by the store 4690OS, also counting on a search interface that enables navigation through the record .

Rescue Journal: ARMS Service who actively rescuing the journal files each time you complete the process of closing in 4690OS store.


Centralized monitoring of the processes and events generated throughout the Retail Chain Store

Message Monitor: Graphical View and online update events recorded in retail store. Grouping level events retail chain, retail store as selecting a specific device.

Process Monitor: Graphical View and update in line with the states of execution of each process in the software retailer. Grouping level events retail chain, retail store as selecting a specific device.

Scalable: EYES has a modular and scalable design, getting to integrate own messaging client and each environment, device integration is automatic and transparent process.

EYES Interfaces: The ARMS service in charge of receiving, processing and distribution of operating data from internal and external sources.

Project ARMS

Deliver a timely response and implement the particular needs of each client is part of the goals addressed by the project team and development of Alliances for ARMS Suite.

The care given to the life cycle of each project, together with a review process and continuous improvement establish the best features of usability and scalability of ARMS, besides the thrust needed to be a key tool in the management and operations of the retail store.

ARMS Store

Agility in regular store operations

It facilitates day-to-day operations at the store; such as updating prices and articles, managing price tags, quotes, returns, reports, deposits. Serves as a reception and distribution center between ARMS and the store controller in both directions.

Prices and Price Tags

Prices processing and management of price tags.

Update Prices: The price update process begins with the receipt and processing by ARMS/EYES of a batch of change of prices, which generates the upgrade bundles by business line and department, creating and informing batch processing status, fault or exception for each of the items registered. Once the batch processing, it informs the user of the enabling and starting the upgrade process, from this point the user to perform the necessary processing steps for each item, printing the price tags of the batch, and database update prices and items in ARMS and the POS controller.

Informed process: Each stage of the process and their status is audited by the system and reported to track events throughout the process.

Process Prices: Started in ARMS Central, update generates a secure way to store, reception upgrade bundle is one of the tasks assigned to ARMS/EYES, which after identifying the membership store generates the sub-batches by business line and department for the division of tasks per operator profile in the store. Each batch is compared with the current data store informing the operator of possible inconsistencies update. Once resolved or exceptions found and the batch process state, the operator performs the tasks of printing the price tags in various formats, ending with the activation of the upgrade process in the store controller.

The activation process is performed by the ARMS Store Services running on the same store controller where the update once activated, it is reported and records the status of order processing, the final state and intermediate events are recorded by ARMS/EYES.


Quote and sell: From search and registration of items from the price list of the store, the user arms the list price updating the data registered client or creating a new record for this. In the last step of registration, the system enables the option of generating a sale transaction by selecting the POS Terminal where the list price as transaction enabled.

Search item: The search mode enables the user to search by code or item name, facilitating the process of trading.

Update: The registration of trading remains in time, presenting the option to return to a previous list to update the quantity and price of each item.


Management of returning items and issuance of refund documents.

Credit Notes: Started in finding records of transactions from the store and the partial or total selection of items and amounts. Refund processes are customized to the retailer operating mode, for it makes the uprisings Alliances required for customization and scalability of the base system; incorporating processes and mechanisms of return of own retailer operation.

Refunding modes: The base mode is simply refund the cash amount of the associated items in the selection and registration. Other ways, and according to the operation of the retailer may be refunds for enabling Client Card or Giftcard, by update of customer information associated with the transaction (total refund), among others resulting from system customization.

Search and selection: The process starts with finding the transaction logs from the store, then the items are selected and recorded, the list of transactions and items mark those items that have been selected in a previous return process. After selecting the items being returned, the user proceeds with the registration or update customer data, this data, if already registered is filled by the system once it finds matching identification records of clients pre-loaded (EYES) or pre-registered for the same system (new customers).

Collection modes: Mode outstanding collection is the option to register a refund transaction directly in POS terminal, enabling the customer to make additional purchases and use as payment refund registration. By streamlining the process of exchange or return items.

How we do...

Objective-Based Project

A creative approach to solving problems

Our team works iteratively through research, strategy, and execution to produce measurable results for your business.


The foundation of great project lies in properly understanding who we're creating for. Typically, the first month of our engagement is spent gathering information about your business and users through quantitative and qualitative data. We use this information to create an objective and identify metrics to measure our progress.


It's time to dive in and get our hands dirty. Our team of strategists, designers and developers work with your team to create a functional and effective final product, no scope limitations or change orders required. It's that simple.


The foundation of great project lies in properly understanding who we're creating for. Typically, the first month of our engagement is spent gathering information about your business and users through quantitative and qualitative data. We use this information to create an objective and identify metrics to measure our progress.


How'd we do? Time to look back on our hypothesis and metrics to determine if we were successful. Once an objective is met, we can continue to iterate and improve upon it, or dig into our strategy queue to identify other objectives to tackle.

We are...

About Us

We started in 2005 as a project consulting firm and web based systems developpers. In 2013 we added new approaches and expertise in delivering innovative solutions for the retail industry.

The accumulation of experiences and the implementation of new solutions lead us to establish a business partnership with Toshiba to complement the set of services provided to clients and projects in Latin America and beyond.

Since those early days we have evolved into a full-scale interactive development projects and strategy company that specializes in large and complex projects. We have primarily focused our attention on developing thoroughly cohesive projects through long term relationships, helping clients craft the unique and immersive experience they desire for their information skills.

We believe that exceptional design, collaborative teamwork, rock solid development, and open lines of communication lead to great partnerships and great projects!

We set out with the lofty goal of forming relationships with clients that went beyond simply finishing projects and getting paid. As many of you know, the information technology industry has been found grossly lacking in the "human connection" department and we desired to be different. Years later, we are happy to say that we still call our clients, both past and present, trusted friends.

Practically speaking, this means that we work with fewer clients, but that limitation comes with a big plus: the unique opportunity to truly collaborate with client-partners. By acquiring trust, and hustling to keep it, Alliances works diligently to facilitate brilliant ideas from the best source of inspiration: the client.

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